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Confidence in Spirit

It is the morning of Saturday, July 21, 2001 and the wind was puffing pretty well. We were at anchor off Cape Santa Maria and the water was making a slapping sound against the hull as I checked our position. Still in the same place at a depth of eight feet. The clear water was aquamarine and lighter shades of teal. I didn’t see any thimbles. Hopefully we could snorkel. I went back down to the cabin where my wife was still asleep and began reading The Camino, by Shirley MacLaine.

“Spirituality is the authentic discovery of one’s capacity to feel. A revitalization of basic emotional truths. Everything we know and understand to be physically tangible and existent in the five dimensions is in fact the manifestation of a more subtle and nonvisible energy that exists simultaneously. Spirit vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical dimension and is a higher reality. The surface of the earth is the matter and form through which a higher subtle electromagnetic spiritual energy flows.”

Here I was, once again, in some sort of synchronicity, reading a book completely about spirit. My previous greatest metaphysical synchronistic event was also while on vacation reading MacLaine’s Out on a Limb, where precognition was the theme. Where we go from here, who knows , but I think it’s going to help me write about the era of human kindness, and about ending poverty, disease and protect the earth. I read the opening lines again: “Spirituality is the authentic discovery of one’s capacity to feel. A revitalization of basic emotional truths.” 

I am a charitable financial planner and I believe that all financial planning must consider and include the charitable aspect. I give briefings to educate the public about the benefits of charitable financial planning and as a part of the briefings, I explain five confidence levels and their importance in the planning process. In the context of charitable financial planning, it is the charitable intent. This bridge has been the most difficult to get regular folks across. Making someone else be charitable. Give property to charity. Leave something to charity.

Les Winston

Les Winston

Head Spokesperson

Lesley Winston, is the Spokesperson for Social, a program of The Endow America Network Foundation. He is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy and has had a distinguished career in service to philanthropists. For over a decade he influenced smart philanthropic planning with Funny Money Radio and now hosts his new web cast, “Route 664: The Road to Human Kindness” Les can be reached at [email protected]