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Generation k for kindness

Hey generations X, Y, and Z, eat your hearts out! Here comes Generation K for Kindness! This idea was clearly demonstrated by 3 of our guests on this week’s episode of Route 664 the Road to Human Kindness. We spoke to Yehoshua Aryeh, a world renowned artist and photographer with his own fine art gallery located in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel, coming out with a new art book titled Land of Life. We also spoke to Dawn Franks, a chartered advisor in philanthropy based out of Tyler, Texas and author of a new eBook called “Giving Fingerprints,” who spoke to us about the rising generation caring more about justice than any other generation before. Finally we spoke with Joe Gabris, a realtor who volunteers his time to help the Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura Chamber of Commerce. Together our three guests present their own unique roles in the art of philanthropy, changing the world one act of kindness at a time. 

Yehoshua Aryeh is the owner of the YA Fine Art Gallery in the heart of the holy city of Jerusalem. Upon viewing his work you’ll notice it stands out from anything you have ever seen in terms of photographic art. His new book titled, Land of Life, is a presentation of his brilliantly detailed photographs, focusing not so much on traditional religious sites but on the natural landscape of the land of Israel. From mountains to river valleys and ancient olive groves, you will see the Holy Land as if you yourself were living there. Yehoshua says that his country often gets a bad rap in the media and that makes it hard for people to stop and appreciate the beauty of Israel, capturing this region’s heart and soul in every image. His goal is to present this side of Israel to the world, and thereby promote the ways that his people and culture have actively contributed to bringing the world a step closer to an era of human kindness. You can visit his website and support his Kickstarter page at .

Dawn Franks is a philanthropic advisor for several family oriented organizations, she tells us how she came up with the name of her book, Giving Fingerprints , explaining how different people have different ways they choose to give, different methods and strategy that all come together in the end to make a real difference in their communities. She helps families who want to give find the best strategies that work for their unique situation and perspective. She raised a very interesting point about the rising generation, young people who are coming into their own opinions and ideas, while learning from the previous generation. The message she gives to young philanthropists is “you’re not sitting on the shelf waiting, or outside the door waiting for your turn but you are coming in, we are listening and you are rising up to this work.” You can visit her website at

Joe Gabris, a realtor who works as an ambassador for the Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura Chamber of Commerce, shared his own perspective on philanthropy with us from the angle of real estate. He explained the importance of the role of chambers of commerce and how business owners from northern states are moving to South Florida, in particular to the areas of Aventura and Sunny Isles Beach. For more info, check out or @SocialSecharity on Facebook.  

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Written by Ossman J. Darwiche 04/09/2021