The mission of this website is to educate the public about using Section 664 and Social Secharity. Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Endow America Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.

Using Section 664 to move from $30 trillion in debt to $30 million in Endowment


America is nearing $30 trillion in debt.  This debt causes many problems in America. At the top are greater interest payments, tax hikes, spending cuts, and a decreased ability to respond to crises. An overburdened and over bureaucratic Federal government spends tax dollars to provide services it is not equipped to provide and therefore does so inefficiently and at greater cost. Ideally, the Federal government should adhere to its constitutionally mandated powers. This is not the case today as we see the Federal government trying to solve all the social problems of America’s greater community.

This Federal government involvement may have been necessary in the past but is proving to be problematic today. Old programs and old solutions, over time, are failing to provide for the general welfare and security of Americans.


The best example of an old program is our Social Security System, which was created to solve the problems of supplemental retirement income; income to widows, widowers, and children; and income to disabled workers.

We are at the point when Social Security no longer solves these problems in the way it was originally intended.  In 1934, when Social Security was written into law by Congress, life expectancy for males was 58, and for females, it was 62.  At the outset, Social Security only needed to solve the problems of two generations in a family. Now it has to solve the problems of five generations in a family.  Young workers today understand that Social Security will not continue to solve problems unless there is a significant reduction in benefits or a significant increase in taxes. Neither of these are attractive options to young workers.  Also, if you are unmarried, and you die shortly after you retire from work, all the money you were required to pay into Social Security over your lifetime, stays with the Federal government to use as the government sees fit  (except for the $255 death benefit returned to help cover your funeral costs).

If Social Security is the best example of an old program, it is ironic that through a change to Social Secharity, also an old program, we find a better solution to the fiscal and social problems of an indebted America in 2020.


Over 50 years ago, Congress had the wisdom and foresight to create and pass into law Section 664 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Yet, not many people know about Section 664, and there are three reasons why it is not as widely used as Sections 401k and 529:

  • Section 664 has been grossly under promoted and remains little known and understood by the general public;
  • There are not enough professional advisors qualified to properly implement this section of the code for the benefit of their clients, and
  • There have been no real proponents to bring Section 664 to the public’s attention.

These three issues have given rise to the Endow America Network Foundation and the Council of Professional Philanthropic Advisors.

An important purpose of the Endow America Network Foundation is to increase the public’s understanding and use of Section 664.  To this end, the foundation created the name Social Secharity, which blends Social Security and charity and defines Section 664. The foundation is committed to making 664 and Social Secharity as well known and accepted as 401k and 529.


Another purpose of the foundation is to give the public access to a growing resource of professional philanthropic advisors. (for more information, and to find a qualified advisor in your area, click here)

The foundation invites all financial advisors and members of the public to support its purpose. Building awareness of 664 and Social Secharity and the availability of professionals who specialize in this advice will take time and resources.

Contributions to the foundation to increase the public’s knowledge in how and when to use Social Secharity can be made on any page of this website using the Donate button.

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